He Got Game: “Say It Ain’t So Kobe?” & Other Playoff Talk

What it do SLU? It’s ya family Manolo droppin in again with another version of playoffs hoops.

It’s the second round in this joint, so you know the intensity is rising and players are stepping their play to match the competition…. I believe the term H.A.M would be appropriate in some cases.  We only got eight teams left, so competition is as stiff as a nigga after a Pinkie lap dance…. And if you don’t know Pinkie, then…. Well, never mind.


The top seeded Chicago Bulls are facing the Atlanta Hawks, and the series is tied 1-1.  The Hawks took the first game in dramatic fashion, on the Bulls court, after big games from Joe Johnson and Jamal Crawford.  But after being presented with the MVP Award, Derrick Rose came out put on an MVP like performance in game two.  With the series tied, the teams head back to Atlanta for the next two games. #GoBulls

The other match up in the East pits the old “Big Three” from Boston against the new “Big Three” down in South Beach.  For all ya’ll Celtic fans, I don’t know fam; It’s looking a little like the changing of the guard, as the Heat took both games in Miami.  I know they say it ain’t a series until one of the home teams lose, but the situation is bleak like Memphis… No doubt

But aiyo peep the alleged real reason the homie the “The Truth” got ejected. You straight wild P.  No doubt.


 Say it ain’t so, Say It Ain’t so…. That’s prolly what yall Laker fans said as yall watched Dirk Diggler drop bucket, after bucket, after bucket, after bucket…. Y’all get the gist… And get this too, though: the defending champs are down 0-2 to the Dallas Mavs.  Yeah, L.A skies are looking grayer than England right now.  Kobe isn’t as efficient as he used to be, and he has no backcourt help.  I commented on this same issue on my own blog back in February. Check it out.

Now that they dropped both games in L.A., the Lakes head to Dallas where the need to tie the series to stay alive.

The Grizzles came to play early in this one and caught the Thunder slipping, and stole game one. But the Thunder responded and took game 2 in convincing fashion.  These Grizzle out here ballin fam.  Showing seeding don’t mean a thing at all.  If the Lakers fall, I think the winner of this series goes to the finals.  Wordlife.

In Other News

Is Bosh hitched?

The Rockets keep expanding the coaching search…..

Kobe thinks the Lakers got what they deserved???

And Horace Grant ain’t feelin the Booz?

Lockout still looming?

Must-See-BG is “ROY” like Brandon???

Aight that’s it for this edition…. But before I go.. I’mma drop my Finals prediction right now, Bulls vs. Thunder.  Yeah, I know the Bulls are a stretch, but it’s the fan in me talkin’, feel me?  Til next time ya’ll.   Peace, and be ya’ self.  One.

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