SMACK/URL Presents: Hitman Holla v. Hollow Da Don

Finally! We’ve been waiting for the SMACK/URL battles featuring St. Lou’s battle-cats, and one has finally dropped.  Rather than saying who won outright, I thought it would be better to break it down verse-by-verse.  In an effort to give some precision to my analysis, I broke things down in pseudo-mathematical terms:

1. Round One: Hitman begins with good energy.  The crowd explodes with his technique of giving a portion of a line, to be completed in the second round.  Hollow Responds: “Half of Yo Ribs, Gon’ Be on Natural Bridge” + The Bulls Line = Win for Hollow.

2. Round Two: (“Verb Space Line”(Hitman) + Completing Unfinishshed Line from 1st Verse) – (Immediate Answer From Hollow + “You Need Me To Get The Job Done” Reply= Draw

3. Round Three: Hitman delivers an attack-natrative, a somewhat intricate story of killing Hollow. Decent, but not enough grenades to end the battle on a good note.  Hollow responds with a good “fake blood” line and includes a fake ending (tricking hitman with a fake handshake as well).  Otherwise, his verse wasn’t incredible.  Still, Hollow wins for excitement. 

Conclusion: Hollow Wins, but Hitman didn’t lose by much.  Overall, the battle wasn’t as exciting as I thought it would be.  Watch it for yourself and tell me what you think.

Bonus: Holla speaks with Notifi Records owner Ira Dewitt (Her husband owns the Cardinals) about working out a deal, and hits the stu to work on his next mixtape, Ballgame 1.5.  Good Shit!

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