The Lou: Byron Crawford on Weezy’s Jay-Z “Diss”

Alright.  So the internetzeez has been ablaze with commentary since every since Tunchi popped shots at Hov.  STL-based blogger Byron Crawford even gave his thoughts on the matter.  Peep The Smoking Section for the rest of that boy.

Lil Wayne’s new Jay-Z dis record would be perhaps the worst dis record that I’m familiar with, except for the fact that he quite literally threatens to kidnap Beyonce, and so I guess that puts it a notch ahead of some other long since forgotten half-assed dis record. Maybe that time B.o.B. dissed Odd Future? (I’m not imagining that, right?)

This is just that kind of reckless, disrespectful behavior that’s been sorely missing from hip-hop ever since the days of Jay-Z vs. Nas, way back when I was in college. That beef was just getting interesting to me when Jay-Z decided to put the kibosh on it. Supposedly, Jay-Z’s mother heard the song where Jay-Z brags about having banged Nas’ baby mother in the backseat of the littlest homey’s own car and left a used condom on the baby’s car seat, and told him he needed to cut that shit out, before somebody ended up getting shot. Back in those days, people were still a little bit raw over what Suge Knight did to Biggie and 2Pac. It had only been about four years, at that point. At this point, that shit was longer ago than a motherfucker. There’s probably kids starting college this week who never even heard of Biggie and 2Pac. They certainly dress like it.

*cracks a PBR like Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino, and makes an angry facial expression at the Asian family next door*

I figure we’re at the point now where the few rappers who are still a high priority at a major label (i.e. the main people who would need to dis somebody, for album promotion purposes) can pretty much say what they want about each other without worrying about getting shot. All of them are either too old or too rich or both to run that kind of risk. Lil Wayne did just spend a year on Rikers Island for having a gun, but apparently all he ever did with it was jerk off onto it. That’s how they knew it was his – it had his DNA all over it. But IIRC it didn’t have any bullets in it or anything. As Dallas Penn once pointed out at XXL, back in the dark ages, rappers are always getting caught with guns that don’t even have any bullets. They’re just wearing them tucked into their pants, like fashion accessories. I’m assuming that observation was in reference to Lil Wayne, because everything Dallas Penn ever wrote for XXL was in reference to Lil Wayne – or, as DP liked to call him, Lil Wang. #pause

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