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STL Gospel rap-elite, Thi’sl, speaks with HipHopDx regarding his new album, Beautiful Monster, on itunes now:

With the hard-knocking Midwest beats and his gritty, gravelly voice, St. Louis, Missouri Hip Hop artist Thi’sl sounds like a gangster rapper at first listen. And for a season of his life, that would have been an accurate description.

However, when his lifestyle changed, his flow soon followed. After telling is story on Chronicles on X-Hustler, Thi’sl is back with a new album Beautiful Monster and the same passion for seeing his city rebuilt. HipHopDX catches up with the X-Hustler as he talks about his new album, cocaine, the important women in his life, his latest video and the problems plaguing the STL.

HipHopDX: Talk about the new album Beautiful Monster and how it’s been received.

Thi’sl: The album’s been received real well. It debuted [at] #5 on iTunes’ Hip Hop charts. I think the top four albums over mine were [Jay-Z & Kanye West’s] Watch the Throne pre-order, the new Wu-Tang [Legendary Weapons] album that came out the same day as mine, the Eminem and Royce Da 5’9 [ Hell: The Sequel] album, and it was some other album I forgot.

It debuted at #24 on Billboard charts [that] week for Rap albums. Just the response of the people has been crazy. Just seeing the diversity of people that have responded to the album and saying they like it – they love it – it’s been dope, man. It’s been a dope ride so far.

Peep the rest of the interview Here

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