He Got Game: “Lockout Boredom” by Manolo Clay

Wuz Up wit it Family… It’s ya boy Nolo back to drop some knowledge on hoops.

Now, unless you’ve been living under a rock the past three months, then you know that the NBA is under a league-wide lockout.  Now, I won’t go into the specifics, but just understand that this has been a bitter war between the Billi’s and Milli’s – and of course the Billionaires will eventually win.  My thoughts are that no one wants to hear about y’all squabbling over money… Just get the deal done, so we can have some games.  With that said, let’s get into what’s been happening on the periphery of the lockout

Lockout News


The Players and the owners met face-to-face over this past weekend, in an attempt to hammer out a deal.  Of course, there wasn’t any agreement made, but the sides are continuing to talk, though there have been some obvious tension. In fact, looks like there was some beef between Stern and Wade… This can’t end well for my man D’Wayne.

And just to clue you in, we haven’t missed any regular season games, but a portion of the preseason has been canceled.  That’s not even counting missed summer leagues and training camps.

Albeit what the media and conspiracy theorists are sayin, Stern’s saying he isn’t ready to cancel the season, yet. Still, D-Day looms.

Portland is pissed.  Join the group, then…

And the Players have been keepin’ busy too….

I guess Steven Jackson ain’t waitin on that check from the Milwaukee Bucks… Check out his first rap video.

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