Friday Review: Tef Poe “Power Over Everything”

1. “Fuck Everybody”: Holy shitzees.  Tef Poe comes out the gate with some shit that’ll put hair on you bitch niggas chest. “I think I am Marshall, you think you are Wiz.  Non-rapping motherfucker what is This”?  Get ready, I think this one  is gon’ be good.
2. “God’s Boxing Gloves”: Over Childish Gambino’s shit.  This nigga said, “I am, Sam Jackson, same character in 8 movies. The Grand Canyon, in human form, they can’t move me”.   This that grown man rap my nigga.  I digress, let’s keep it moving.
3. “Not A Star”: At first, I was disappointed cause I hate when Niggas be making mixtapes using other cat’s beats.  And then, I listened to the shit. I’m seeing a constant theme on this.  All Poe’s shit is on some political shit.  Glenn Beck, Huey P, Dead Prez at a Bar Mitzvah even. “If I died today, remember me like Machiavelli, moving them units like I was mother fuckin’ Nelly” though.  This is the best shit to come out of Pine Lawn since Skate King.

Editorial Note:  Martin Luther King did have guns.  Don’t believe the hype.  Ok ok, a nigga be readin’ sometimes but back to this Hip hop shit.
4. “Words I Never Said”: More Noam Chomsky Rap.  I don’t dislike that shit though cause this Nigga got a message fam.  This shit almost made me put down this tall can of Steel Reserve.  Almost.

5. “Gorgeous”:  Obviously over Yeezy’s joint.  This nigga getting personal now…real introspective on this one.  The first verse was aight the second one was great.

6. “Inner City Blues” (Ft. T-Prince): More shit over Other People’s Beats (OPB).  T-Prince sets the tone.  Never really heard this guy buy he’s holding his own on this shit.   That was, until Poebama unravels theq dopest verse of the mixtape.  Gotta #salute DJ Trackstar too cause he ain’t talking all over this shit and it’s mixed well.

7. “Can I Ball”.  Is this some Beats By The Pound Shit? Is this some No Limit, 20 albums a year, ‘we taught you Niggas how to photoshop on the cover of your albums’ shit?  Poe properly threw on his Tees, Bo’s & Rees on this one.  Only one verse though, and it was short.  Some shit is good for it’s personality though.  Real Niggas across the Gateway can identify with this.

7. “Hustle Hard” (Ft. L-Gifted): Gotta be honest here.  I heard L-Gifted’s verse and thought, it was ok, but Poe is about to kill this Nigga.  Then he didn’t.  Didn’t really care for this one.

8. “I’m him” (She Will):  What I like about this nigga is the fact that he seamlessly mixes ignorant quotables with that Lupe-type shit.   This one is good, cause I almost listened to Webbie to balance this shit out. ”I got a white girl she can’t read, so I tell her give me head til I can’t see.  Whole-lotta spit, wit a few hand gestures, slave ship dick, she swallow my ancestors”. Best rapper in Missouri though? I appreciate the aspiration but at least one rapper will take issue with that.

9.  “Coming Outta Missouri”: If you thought ‘Out The Kitchen was Tef’s best single yet, you ain’t heard this one.  It’s a crime if the radio doesn’t play this one.  This one is screaming for a video and a remix featuring Gee Watts.

10.  “Satellite” (Ft. Teresa Jenee): I already spoke about this one. Click hurr.
11.  “Fall For Your Type”: This one’s for the bitches.  I struggled through this one.

13.  “Crossroads”: If you’re older than 23, you know how crazy STL was about B.O.N.E. back in the day.  Poe was no different.  This one isn’t about the bars, but strangely, it’s my favorite.  “I say fuck illuminati, I can’t tell you if its real. A part of me don’t really care cause I ain’t go no record deal”. 

14. “St. Louis Northstar”: Already gave you this one, so click hurr.
So there you go.  Power Over Everything illustrates a lotta growth from the boy Poe.  There was a couple of joints that I didn’t care to listen to again, but overall, this shit is as solid as it gets.  Plus, Trackstar mixed the shit well and didn’t talk all over it like country Niggas normally do.  Substract the O.P.B.’s and add more original music and this one would’ve been a 5L project. We give this shit: 4.5 L’s

Download Hurr.

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