EXCLUSIVE: Loose Cannon SLIM Interview Part ONE: “F*ckDA BULLS!”

Moments after his highly anticipated mixtape, #FREEPROMO hit the net, it was clear that rapper, turned promoter, turned rapper again, Loose Cannon S.L.I.M. (St. Louis Is Mine), wouldn’t hold his tongue about recent tweefs.  As soon as we heard the shit, we knew had to chop it up with the him.  In part one of this interview, SLIM talks the true meaning behind the mixtape. album.

Bjack: Out the gate, on the intro, [and] on the track with Waka, you kinda take what many people would consider to be clear shots at the Tics? Was that the sole motivation for the project?  Was that the whole motivation behind the #FREEPROMO thing?

Track ONE: “Ask Em’ (Intro) Prod. x Bandcamp Chris

SLIM: I really didn’t take a shot if you think about it, I like…I just answered the questions that errbody wanted to know.   You know what I’m saying? Because people never got a clear understanding of what happened.  And like for real they really didn’t for real still, because a shot…I mean this SLIM you talking to bruh, if I wanted to take a shot I would just say “Fuck yall Niggas. Nelly, boom boom boom”, if that’s what I wanted to do.  But I really didn’t say anything because even in the um…intro I didn’t take a shot, I just was explaining what happened, because people took a shot at me.  That’s why I say “Since niggas taking shots, hold on let me take a shot”, and I took a shot of liquor, I was like “It’s twitter” so I aint even gon trip. I was just letting everybody know where I was with it.  It’s not necessarily a shot cause if I wanted to take a shot, you know me, I’d go way deeper than that.  I was just letting everybody know where I was at with it at the time….


BJack: No Doubt.

SLIM, : So I wouldn’t necessarily call it a “shot”.  I can take a shot if you wanna see a shot.  Then as far as the Waka song, that Waka song was made in all the way back in January, you know what I’m saying, when he came for my State of Emergency Concert.

Track: NINE| “Back On Deck” (Ft. Waka Flocka) (Prod. x T Dot)

Now I aint’ gon’ front, I did switch that line, but, you know what I mean, I was basically talking to everybody.  If you notice what happened to me…the same motheruckers that build you up wlll brake you down. They just want to see some chinks in the armor.  That song right there was just me talking to people in general saying…you know what I’m saying, like “how yall gon count me out after what I did”? You know what I’m saying?  I did all this before 30.  You know what I’m saying? I’m just getting started, so that’s basically where I was with that.  Like, you can take some lumps and bumps and come back.  So it wasn’t necessarily like, necessarily to them but after dude did what he did on twitter, I did change a line, but that’s what I’m supposed to do. Like, shit, you know what I mean?  …..why not use and get paid off of it, cause I fuck around and don’t use it and it’s going to cost me some money.

BJack: Right.

SLIM: You might as well do it and get paid off it.  So as far as the entire project being about them…my whole album is fun…strip clubs, women, spending money, you know what I’m saying, that’s really the basis of the album.  But at the same time..it’s on some, “No matter what you do, Niggas gon hate”, so I might as well just address it out the gate. Because, I understand I got the Michael Jordan Syndrome, nobody wants to see me win at promoting and everything else I do, then jump into music then start winning out the gate.  Like nobody wants that.  Especially the niggas who been rapping for a long time. Not even speaking on them [The St. Lunatics], but it’s niggas who ain’t made it!  You know what I’m saying?  If It happened for me real fast, what’s the reason it hasn’t happened for them in 10 years?  So you gon’ get some resistance.  I understand that, so #FREEPROMO is just like, “Nigga say my name when you do it”.

Track TWO| “#FREEPROMO” (Prod. x Bandcamp Chris)

Stay tuned next week for the remainder of the interview.  SLIM touches on haters who think he’s buying his way into the game, why the album was really delayed (it wasn’t what I thought), and his favorite track on the album. Plus a whole lot of money talk.

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