Exclusive: Loose Cannon SLIM Interview, Part No. 2: Benz v. Ford

Yo yo yo, so last week, we got all the controversial shit out the way, so it’s time to get into the album.  In part two of this our convo, SLIM talks features, the #FREEPROMO recording process, and all shooting videos galore.  Check it out.

Bjack: Speaking of that, speaking on people hating on your rise into the game, what do you say to people who feel like, “this dude got alotta money, he’s just buying tracks and fame to get on”.  What do you say to that?

SLIM: I mean, first of all, as far as buying tracks, it’s not a nigga in the game that don’t buy em’.

BJack: Right.

SLIM: You know what I’m saying? You can’t say nothing about me for doing [it] and fucking…not to brig him up, but it’s Saint Louis, Brass Knuckles…every song on Brass Knuckles had another motherfucker on it, you think them people did that for free? If you listen to Jeezy album, Jeey got a motherfucker on every song.  You think them people do that for free? You know what I’m saying, it’s a business.  Like…you can’t get mad at my method cause if you could do it you would do it to, so that’s just some hater shit. You know what I mean? But listen to it though, am I wack on that muh’fucker? Are the beats wack on that muh’fucker? Know what I’m saying? If I put Juelz Santana on it to enhance it you can’t get mad, like you if you then you just a hater.  If you can afford to buy a Benz you gon buy that motherfucker.  You ain’t gon’ buy know fucking Ford.

BJack: I feel you. Speaking of the track with Juelz, where’d you do that? Where did you record most of these tracks at?

SLIM: Actually, to tell the honest to God truth, why the album got pushed back, I recorded most of this in Miami, at Circle House, but when we got to the crib, my hardrive crashed, but I’m never gon’ put out an excuse before, it’s time to go so I kept pushing it back cause I had to re-record everything.  So when ya’ll was like “where da album?” I’m like “tomorrow, tomorrow”, I had to literally start over! A lot of the files got sent on yousendit, and they expired….one thing about it I never make excuses. Ya’ll think I didn’t want to come out and I had all this promotion going on and everybody ready at 10 o’clock on the 20th? But I couldn’t do it because my hardrive crashed, so I had to go back, re-mix songs..we had to scramble together what we could.  You know what I’m saying, then I had to really re-do it again…so that’s why it took all the way until when it did for me to upload it.

BJack: In light of that, to hear that you had to throw everything together at the last minute, it came out incredible.  What’s your favorite track on the album?

SLIM: “Nights like this is actually my favorite.   Like, I ain’t gon even front.  It’s just the feel of it, and how that record came about…while watching Five Heart Beats, you know what I’m saying? It was just like, “Boom”, I had the beat, and I was like, “Man I’m gon’ save this”.  I got a lot of stuff that I didn’t use for this, for my….I don’t want to say real album, cause this is an album, but the Official Project is Saint Louis Is Mine, and I got a movie with it.

Track SIX| “Nights Like This” (Ft. Juelz Santana) (Prod. x Bandcamp Chris)

BJack: Cool, I was going to ask you about that.

SLIM: So a lot of stuff I didn’t use….I was like, I’m gon save this one. I was actually gon save that one and the Teairra Marie joint for the [main project] but at the last minute I was like, you know what, I’mma gon’ throw this Tierra on there.

Track SEVEN|Through It All” (Ft. Teairra Marie) (Prod. x SleepyTime4000 & Tarboy)

SLIM: But as far as that “Nights Like This”, I had beat and I had the sample…”get Up and Dance, You Gotta Get Up And Dance”, but I was like, how am I gon do this? I was watching Five Heartbeats…

BJack: Wait wait wait, you actually chose the sample?

SLIM: Yeah

BJack: Who is that, is that just from the movie?

SLIM: Naw, Get Up and Dance Is Afrikan Bambada.  You know what I’m saying, it’s some Afrika Bambada Shit so I actually got that from them. Now I don’t want to take nothing from my producer Bandcamp Chris cause he cold…right now people just calling already to give him publishing deals and all that…it’s crazy. I really didn’t start the marketing for [#FREEPROMO] yet.   This aint one of those projects that’s gon’ com out big like and start dwindling off, this one gon’ start slow, and get big.

BJack: No Doubt.  Now I saw somewhere, probably on Facebook or something that you were shooting the Diamond video pretty Soon?

SLIM: Yeah..I’m actually shooting videos for everything on here, in the next to months.  Me and Diamond shooting a video on Saturday the 7th, me and Tierra shooting on the 14th. In Miami I’m shooting on the 11th with Juelz Santana, then on the 20th me and Gucci shooting that “Goin Crazy” joint, and then in February, all the 2 Chainz, Travis Porter/Bobby V shit, all that shit gon’ get shot.  So I’m just trying to do my part man, people like…just to keep it clear, I’m really not trying to be a Wayne or Drake or something, you know what I’m saying, I’m just trying to set the standard to find the Wayne of the Drake.  You know what I’m saying? Te only way it’s gon’ work is if you come out yourself, first, and show people the standard you want it on.  You gotta better than me.

BJack: I was thinking about that man, cause I was listening to the Outro, and I was talking to one of my boys about, how it seems that you’re so dedicated to having an independent spirit.  You wanna make Loose Cannon a label, to sign other acts and push it that way?

SLIM: Man listen, I been getting money from these record labels for years man.  It’s so many artist who marketing budget I got a piece of, it’s crazy.  So I understand how it work, I uderstand how radio work, and you know, I’m the most comfortable person in the club…I’m neo from The Matrix in the club.  I know how it work, you know what I’m saying, I know where the money come from.  The money don’t come from the sales necessarily.  That’s why people like Waka Flocka and Yo Gotti ain’t dropped a real album..ever! So the label, that don’t do nothing but tie you up…but  if a label come with something crazy then, I ain’t stupid.  If they come with some kinda crazy money, I’ll sign tomorrow. But the way they doing these Niggas right now, I’m cool.  It’s like, how ya’ll gon ofer me a $150,000.00 and ya’ll can see that I spent over 150? You know what I mean?

BJack: (Broke Nigga Astonishment): You mean on the #FREEPROMO project you spent over a 150 thousand?

SLIM: Yeah…like all day long.  I recorded that in Circle House in Miami, you got to Google that.  That motherfucker is $1500 a day, and we was in that bitch for 3 weeks (laughs), you know what I”m saying? So..like I say, it’s just a math thing.  I’m smart.  I can spend 150 on this album, but I can do a concert with these niggas and get 80k of that back, in one night.  You see what I’m saying? It would take you to sell 150,000.00 copies to get that 150 back.  You know what I’m saying, so it’s just a numbers game that I figured out….

Stay tuned tomorrow for the final portion of our convo where SLIM talks about his upcoming film.  If you haven’t downloaded #FREEPROMO yet, please get on it.  It’s definitely sounds like an industry-standard album. 

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