Exclusive News: Nvisible Designs Partners With Industry314

If you havn’t heard of Nvisible Designs, get familiar quick my nig.  The Alton-based graphic design company has worked with everyone from Huey & Jibbs & Yelawolf, to big-dogs like Atlantic Records and Interscope Records.  Check out some of their deisgns below, and get ready for some super fresh shit!  First up? This DJ Smallz Art.  Tellem DeWarren:

We started up with DJ Smallz sometime last year after hearing that he was looking for interns. We were new and just starting out at the time and knew that a certain amount of free work was in our future. After months of trying to get his attention we finally broke through.  In our short time as a graphic design company no other client has been easier to work with than DJ Smallz aka Mr. Southern Smoke.  Perhaps it is the different brands (Southern Smoke Radio, Southern Smoke mixtapes, Fear Factor Music Group, DJSmallz.com, SS Stallions, SS Gamers, FutureofFlorida.com or his booking company Artist Direct) that he has been so adept at creating, his solid work ethic, or his laid back Tampa, Florida swag but the various projects gave us an insight on how far we could go in the design industry and what services to offer. Till this day DJ Smallz remains one of our most valued clients and the lessons and tips he has gave us in the industry are more valuable than we could ever imagine.


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