Mixtape: L.M.N.O.P. “Don’t Miss The Alphabet”

I’m just getting into this one, but it hasn’t disappointed thus far.  On Don’t Miss The Alphabet, east side rider and On My Own Records Exec, L.M.N.O.P. blends sonic thumping tracks with creative hooks like “Technology Flow” and “S.O.S.” (Some Other Shit) to create a unique blend of Gangsta/Money rap and Traditional MC-ing.  On “The Love Of Hip Hop”, LM serenades the Craft, and the result is pure bliss.  Overall, it’s about 20 tracks, and it features verses from Spaide Ripper, Corle 2Da and a bunch of others.  It’s a lil something for everyone it seems.  Below, check out the title track, and hit the jump for the full download.

“Don’t Miss The Alphabet”

Bonus: The Alphabet Man covers Micheal’s Dirty Diana too? I guess The Weekend doesn’t have the best version.

“Dirty Dianah” (Ft/ Costlofobic)


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