Mixtape: Laudie “Moscato Music”

Ok, so this one dropped a minute ago, but we were digesting that shit like we always do about this time.   A nigga wasn’t too excited about the name of the album, but I get it, let’s keep it moving.  If you’ve seen any of homies’ other shit, you already know, he ain’t on no backpack rapper shit.  So you shouldn’t even expect that from him.  But you ain’t even got to worry about that on this one, cause Laudie stays in his lane heavy, and I ain’t mad.  This some get ready for the club, drive to the club, leave the club type shit.    So from that perspective, the name makes proper sense.  Plus, he does pull a few tricks from his bag.  “Just Like Me” feature a smooth-ass hook with two nice verses from Rocky Knuckles.  Murph dirt rightfully belongs on this mixtape, and he is.  But why they didn’t call “Gotta Have A Limit” “Moscato Music” beats the hell outta me.  Anyways, download this boy.  It gets the parting going. Download and tracklist after the jump.

“Just Like Me” (Ft. Rockwell Knuckles)

“Mike “Vick” (Ft. J-Kwon)

“Do I” (Ft. Bun B)

“Hustle Baby”

Official Trailer


1 Response to “Mixtape: Laudie “Moscato Music””

  1. 1 quepeaz March 4, 2012 at 1:55 pm

    Laudie YOU DO YOU DO Make it look so goood!!! I like the beat and if this track does not get on a billboard then something is wrong. Oh Yeah something IS wrong with the system.
    I like this!!!!!

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