Mixtape: RVS “The Layoff EP”

RVS was laid-off (like many of my other college-educated brethren), but rather than bitching, he released this dope EP.  From the remix of “Change”, the sober realism of “Not So Bad” and throughout, it’s clear that this is a young man who’s more than a “Part-Time Drinker, Full-Time Thinker”, as the track suggest.

“Change” (Remix)

“Part Time Drinker, Full-Time Thinker”

It get’s even better. “Rock Bottom” is remniscent of Rakim’s Microphone Control, except with more post-grad angst:


It’s a hell of a dilemma being Young, Black, and Gifted, but RVS bears the burden well.  The Resilient “Higher Ground” shows this.   Overall, The Layoff EP is a solid project with a good story.  None of the beats will blow you out the water, but they suit his style well.  Cough up $5.00 and support the kid. It’s well worth it.

Bonus: RVS also released his notes from the album. Reads below:

For most of my life, the consensus has been that doing the things above will lead you down the safest and easiest path to the “American Dream.”  But what happens when you excel at all those things, get labeled as one of the best and brightest and capitalize on great opportunities only to be lead to believe that you are dispensable, don’t have enough experience and are overall not good enough to “make it?”  That is a harsh reality for many college graduates today.  I had the misfortune of being laid off from my first job right out of college.  It wasn’t my ideal gig, but it paid well and presented a ton of opportunities for advancement…or so I was told at the beginning.  In this project, I am wearing my thoughts and emotions on my sleeve.  Honestly, the experience while creating the album was mostly therapeutic and rewarding.  I decided to share this EP with the world in hopes that someone else could relate to what I was going through at the time and hopefully be their soundtrack to finding what it is they truly want in life.  Thank you so much for listening!

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