Photo: Tiffany Foxx Covers Be Magazine

TIFFANYFOXXBEMAGMy my my! Look at Vixen/MC and 1/3 of June 5th, Tiffany Foxx on the cover of Be Magazine.  Checkout their website for more about the cover.  Looking good Tiffany! Below, check out a snippet of the cover story, and below that, look at a recent interview and more pictures!


Tiffany Foxx’s Inspiration for BEing in the Rap Game: 

I had BEen writing since I was about 14; that [music] was never something that you could do in St. Louis, but when Nelly opened up the door for entertainment, it was like oh my God, that’s really something I can pursue. I  had started doing videos first to get myself more exposure, and then “they” approached me about a deal…

Tiffany Foxx on Meeting Lil Kim & Getting Her Stamp of Approval: 

She [Kim] had actually came to St. Louis looking for somewhere to record, & we found the BEst one for her, and decked the experience all out. We grew to know each other and I opened up for her a few times, but this one time we were all sitting around listening to my mixtape “Yellow Tape” BEfore it came out, & Kim walked in and asked “who is this?” I was like me & she she was like un-un. She sat and listened to the mixtape for the next hour & was like “I wanna get on this, and I wanna get on that…”. That’s how she even got on “Twisted” and “Jay-Z”. The rest is history from there.

Tiffany Foxx on the BEef:

Of course I get a lot of things that come with Kim, a lot of the things that she’s going through, a lot of the pressure. I have to wear a lot of that on my back as well, but I’m not new to this. I definitely know how to hold my own & what I signed up for dealing with Kim. It’s one of those things where I’m not set up, I’m not about to BE used for anybody else’s situation, I’m not nobody’s pon. The rap game, especially with females, is a very competitive sport. It’s like people have their minds set on their only BEing one on top & when another one comes along, they have to try to stomp her out. I personally think BEef is wack on records…

For Lots More with Tiffany Foxx visit when the complete story goes live on Thursday.




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