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Video: Arsenio Hall Performs “Country Grammar” on ‘Arsenio Hall Show’

See what happens when you bet against those Cards? Below, the host chats with the cast of the Real Husbands of Hollywood.

Video: Nelly Performs on the Arsenio Hall Show

Nelly had big TV night last night.  Not only was it the premier of the Real Husbands of Hollywood, but Mr. M.O. also checked in with Arsenio Hall.  Watch as he and Future performs “Give U Dat” from the new album.  Purchase it here.  He didn’t stop there either.  He also answered some questions and make a Cardinals v. Dodgers bet, which you can watch after you cross that bridge.

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DeWarren Smith: St. Louis Trotters Announce Release of Trotters City GameDay Mixtape


The St. Louis Trotters Pro Basketball Club to commemorate their 2nd season in the IBA League by releasing their Trotters City GameDay Mixtape hosted by Durrty Boyz. The Trotters City GameDay Mixtape mixes music from around various cities of the IBA League such as: Gary, IN, Rockford, IL, Chicago IL, and St. Louis, MO. Future releases will contain music from other IBA cities as far away as NY, LA, and Houston, TX.

St. Louis, MO is the focal point of this project as it showcases some of the cities top talent in Chingy, Tef Poe, Rockwell Knuckles, Legend Camp, Bo Dean, MoTre and Nikko Smith. Other highlights include a track from the winner of Coors Light’s the Coldest MC Contest, Mr. Hyde of Chicago, IL., and Young Money touring artist Yung Stet of Rockford, IL. The project will be hosted by the Durrty Boyz and presented by the mixtape site juggernaut exclusively. The project is slated for release Oct 19 as the IBA season starts! Be sure to check out for all news and info on professional basketball in St. Louis!

Battle: Hitman Holla v. Conceited

Watching it now.  Enjoy.

By DeWarren Smith: St. Louis Trotters Reach Deal with UrbanIFilms


The St. Louis Trotters Ink Exclusive Deal with UrbanIFilms for coverage of their 2013 Fall/Winter Session in the dominant IBA League. In their effort to bring value to the franchise the St. Louis Trotters have reached a special agreement with UrbanIFilms to film their home games this upcoming 2013 Fall/Winter session. UrbanIFilms is based out of E. Saint Louis and specializes in the production of music videos, documentary, and narrative short films. The owner and operator Marquis Burton is known for his professionalism and quality. “I met Marquis Burton, while he shot for Delux Magazine during their birthday celebration for beloved radio personality, Tammie Holland,” says Trotters Director, DeWarren Smith.

On this night Marquis wielded his Sony HDV with such ability and acumen that Smith was impressed. After a brief conversation, Smith took the businessman’s card and contacted him to discuss what he could bring to their organization. “Marquis and I began to discuss our needs and we came to terms quickly, like my Dad says, “It doesn’t take all day to do nothing,” and especially in this case there’s mutual benefit to both businesses. This being our second full year in the league we want to offer our advertisers value, our players game footage, and potential sponsors a substantive product to get behind. For Mr. Burton he gets “a front row seat to the best basketball action in the region,” says Smith, jokingly.

The tandem will begin their work October 26th at the Trotters Home Opener at Mathews Dickey Boys and Girls Club in the Loynd Gymnasium. Tickets are $5 for adults, ages 18-12 are $3.00, and children under 12 are free. Half Time entertainment has yet to be announced but the Trotters are gearing up for a breakout season this year to establish themselves as the premier professional basketball organization in St. Louis and worthy of its franchise position in the growing IBA.

EBook: “Nas Lost” by #STL Based Hip Hop Writer/Blogger Byron Crawford


We told you about this guy a while back.  Well he’s also a critically-acclaimed author, as seen in his new book, Nast Lost. Read the first 26 pages here.  Download the book here.  Hit Crawford’s site here.


Long-term hip-hop blogger Byron Crawford unveils a new book titled ” NaS Lost: A Tribute to The Little Homey. Aside from critically dissecting NaS‘ illustrious career, the book also acts as a springboard for a number of disputed topics in hip-hop, comparing the likes of Chief Keef to Liz Phair, while citing a number relevant examples in the cesspool of web content. Head strong with his views, the witty offering touches on often muted topics like gay rappers, alongside referencing rap as an “old man’s sport.” NaS Lost: A Tribute to The Little Homey is now available from Barnes & Noble at $4 USD. Head over to ANIMAL to learn more about Crawford and the inspiration behind his latest work.

Photo: Tiffany Foxx Covers Be Magazine

TIFFANYFOXXBEMAGMy my my! Look at Vixen/MC and 1/3 of June 5th, Tiffany Foxx on the cover of Be Magazine.  Checkout their website for more about the cover.  Looking good Tiffany! Below, check out a snippet of the cover story, and below that, look at a recent interview and more pictures!


Tiffany Foxx’s Inspiration for BEing in the Rap Game: 

I had BEen writing since I was about 14; that [music] was never something that you could do in St. Louis, but when Nelly opened up the door for entertainment, it was like oh my God, that’s really something I can pursue. I  had started doing videos first to get myself more exposure, and then “they” approached me about a deal…

Tiffany Foxx on Meeting Lil Kim & Getting Her Stamp of Approval: 

She [Kim] had actually came to St. Louis looking for somewhere to record, & we found the BEst one for her, and decked the experience all out. We grew to know each other and I opened up for her a few times, but this one time we were all sitting around listening to my mixtape “Yellow Tape” BEfore it came out, & Kim walked in and asked “who is this?” I was like me & she she was like un-un. She sat and listened to the mixtape for the next hour & was like “I wanna get on this, and I wanna get on that…”. That’s how she even got on “Twisted” and “Jay-Z”. The rest is history from there.

Tiffany Foxx on the BEef:

Of course I get a lot of things that come with Kim, a lot of the things that she’s going through, a lot of the pressure. I have to wear a lot of that on my back as well, but I’m not new to this. I definitely know how to hold my own & what I signed up for dealing with Kim. It’s one of those things where I’m not set up, I’m not about to BE used for anybody else’s situation, I’m not nobody’s pon. The rap game, especially with females, is a very competitive sport. It’s like people have their minds set on their only BEing one on top & when another one comes along, they have to try to stomp her out. I personally think BEef is wack on records…

For Lots More with Tiffany Foxx visit when the complete story goes live on Thursday.





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