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Video: Drama B x Trixi “FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt”

NY Rapper Drama B teams up with Trixie for this remake.  Careful putting Trixie on your track fellas.  I know you fuck with her, but she don’t fuck around.  Solid cover though.

Video: Chill Flamesz “Friday, the 13th” (Ft. Trixie x Kyd Fresh)

I know it’s only Friday the 2nd, but for videographer/rapper Chill Flamesz it’s the 13th, and death comes in threes.  Featuring a murderous verse from Trixie and Kyd Fresh.   #YellowTapeRap

Video: Trixie Speaks on Love For Music, Greatness, and More!

Little miss Incredible II, coming soon.


Video: Nelly “How Do YOU Getcho Money” (Ft. Lil St. Louis & Trixie)

This one made RapRadarO.E.MO out now Derrty.

EXCLUSIVE: Nelly Speaks On Lil St. Louis & Trixie

While on a recent, national conference call, DJ’s, bloggers, and even some savvy fans got an opportunity to speak with Mr. O.E.MO.  He spoke on the importance of the digital grind in this new age, his re-entry into the game, and how hearing the same small-town rapper jokes this go-round inspired “Country Ass“.  Although it was rowdy crowd, I managed to sqeeze in one question about his co-stars on “How Do You Getcho Money“:

BJack: I was wondering if you can talk a little about Lil Saint Louis and Trixie; your plans for them, and how the fit into the Derrty Ent. scheme?

Nelly: “When you look at Trixie, she’s a young girl with furious tongue and a hunger to really prove herself.  And Saint Louis…Lil Saint Louis I mean, he kinda reminds me of myself (laughs). You know what I’m saying?  What he’s speaking, what he’s speaking is definitely the truth, he definitely means every word of it. You know what I’m saying? When you get a chance to find them type of people [inaudible] you want help them as much as possible, but you [also] want to give them the opportunity to help them selves…I can lead them to the water, but I damn sure can’t can’t make them drink”. 

He also mentioned Tab & Shad, and said we should expect some thing from the Tics’ in 2012.  Oh, and if you’re still sleeping, download OEMO now.

Video: Trixie “Hate Me” (Ft. Brandon Lamar)

Trixie hooks up with Brandon Lamar for the classic back-and-forth flow video.   Hate it or love it, I think Trixie will be around for a while so pay attention.

Video: Trixie “Built For This” (Ft. Lito Jamil)

Trixie could be a regular on i314 if she dropped music more regularly.  In case you forgot how dope she was, check out this new vid featuring Lito Jamal.


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